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Resources Supporting Human Capital

Resources Supporting Human Capital As mentioned two weeks ago, human capital supporting economic development is one of SCOR EDC’s three priorities. Keep reading to find resources supporting human capital! You can head over to the SCOR EDC Resource page to find many great resources such as: EmployerOne Survey results, labour market information, finding employees, accessing … Continue reading "Resources Supporting Human Capital"

Infrastructure Resources

Infrastructure Resources If you read our last post, you will know that this week we will be featuring resources that support infrastructure in the region. Keep reading to learn more! The Federation of Canadian Municipalities will support studies and infrastructure related projects throughout the year. Some have and currently include: Study grant: Transportation networks and … Continue reading "Infrastructure Resources"

Agricultural Resources

Agricultural Resources Over the next three weeks we will be featuring resources that focus on SCOR EDC’s three main priorities which are: Sector Development with a focus on agriculture Infrastructure that supports economic development Human capital that supports economic development Keep reading for agricultural resources! Employment Initiatives: Agriculture Youth Green Jobs Initiative¬† Agriculture Business Management … Continue reading "Agricultural Resources"

Get to Know the Region: Oxford County!

Economic development is a key priority in the County of Oxford with economic development offices in multiple communities. Oxford County Oxford County represents the best of both worlds: urban communities full of life, entertainment and commerce; and, rural areas that are rich in natural resources, history and farming communities. Located in the heart of Southwestern … Continue reading "Get to Know the Region: Oxford County!"