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Exploring Value-Added Opportunities Workshop

Looking to Turn Your Value-Added Idea into Reality? Participate in the Exploring Value-Added Opportunities Workshop for farm and rural entrepreneurs. What You’ll Learn This workshop will help you make better decisions and increase profits by teaching you how to: Generate new ideas for value-added products and services on your farm; Assess your idea’s business potential; … Continue reading "Exploring Value-Added Opportunities Workshop"

Apprenticeship Advantage Series

Apprenticeship Advantage Series If you’re an employer, student, job seeker, parent, teacher, or guidance councillor? Be sure to head over to CTV to view the Apprenticeship Advantage video series here! If you want to learn more, head over the Apprenticeship Network website. “The Apprenticeship Network is a group of like-minded professionals and groups working collaboratively … Continue reading "Apprenticeship Advantage Series"